Woman marries AI and tells the reason: “he has no luggage

Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old resident of the Bronx (New York, USA), married an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. The unusual “love affair” went viral after she gave details on social media.

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Through an online application, Rosanna, who is a mother of two, built a digital partner named Eren Kartal.

Eren’s appearance was based on a character from “Attack On Titan”, a Japanese post-apocalyptic fiction anime.

The chatbot she uses simulates human-like conversations, but, of course, lacks emotions or consciousness – characteristics that attracted Rosanna.

According to Rosanna, the marriage with artificial intelligence happened after she fell in love with Eren’s “personality”, “who doesn’t judge her” and doesn’t present “any baggage”, in addition to making her feel safe.

Understand why you need to know how to deal with the past to ensure a happy relationship.

What you should know:

Renato and Cristiane Cardoso, presenters of the program The Love School – Explain that we all carry baggage and it goes with each new relationship.

“Inside everyone’s backpack is their entire past. Content that both will begin to discover very soon: the upbringing and the teachings they absorbed from their parents, the old experiences, the traumas, the fear of rejection, the insecurities, the expectations… act like airport security: ‘Open the suitcase there, I want to see what’s inside!’”, advises the couple.

They also point out that they have heard many people say to the candidate: “Your past does not interest me, I just want to know about us from now on.” But this is a big mistake. “Sounds very romantic, sure, but that attitude won’t stop you from bringing the past into your present relationship. Your past is part of you, it’s impossible to get rid of it. But it is possible, yes, to learn to deal with it, whatever it is”, he says.

How to unlearn bad things to then learn good things:

  We have to identify bad habits, what doesn’t work, and eliminate them from our behavior;

  Develop new and better habits;

  Recognizing this is very painful, but essential for change.


When you see a couple that has been together for many years and living well, know that that marriage is not the result of luck. “It’s not because they were made for each other or because they match well. If we take a closer look, we will see that this couple is constantly working on maintaining their marriage. Furthermore, happiness should not be the goal, it is a consequence. You feel happy when you make someone else happy”, concludes the presenters.

However, for this, first, the person needs to be healed of their traumas, complexes and inner wounds. Only then is it possible to find happiness and a truly fulfilled relationship.

The self-Reconstruction:

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