Why do people fall in love scams?

The teachers Renato and Cristiane Cardoso of the Love School held in Brazil answer and explain how to avoid falling into this trap. Follow up!

On The Love School program – aired on Saturday (30), presenters Renato and Cristiane Cardoso cited three reasons why people fall for the love scam. Renato Cardoso even points out that according to the surveys, it is not just people who are uneducated or naive who fall for this type of scam. People with university education, who have a good intellectual level and experience in life, too. Check below for the three main reasons:

1st – Reason – A needy person attracts the scam

If we look closely, we can see that for every scam there is first a need. Most of the time it involves love or money. So, the scammer will always look for someone who is in need of something. For example: a needy person is usually lonely, has had several frustrations in their love life, wants to be happy in love and seeks this fulfilment.

So, “with this need, the person is more susceptible to the scam, because the need makes the person suspend their judgment, not judge the situation well. Because the person is so eager to fill that need, he/she goes any distance to achieve their dream”, explains Renato. Hence the reason “we always advise you to heal your heart first, before entering a relationship”, adds Cristiane.

She explains that often, because they are no longer in a relationship, the person believes they are okay. But actually, there is a need problem within.

“Because of everything you’ve been through, today, you don’t value yourself so much. Then, unconsciously, you believe that you must accept whatever comes. That’s when you become the perfect victim for the scammer”, They warn.

However, you are not to be blame for this need, guarantees the teacher. But, just as we are capable of eating any almost anything when hunger strikes, so it is – when we are needy – if we don’t watch, we are easily deceived.

So, for this not to happen, you have to be careful, he advises. “You cannot allow your need to deceive you. You have to evaluate, weigh, not to fall into people’s deception. Use intelligence, that’s why we talk so much about intelligent love, because the person who falls on a scam, did not think… but followed the feeling…”, he emphasizes.

2nd – Reason – I want the benefit but not the sacrifice

According to the presenter, although people don’t confess it, that’s what actually happens. He clarifies that this is very common in financial scams, when the person receives an apparently very profitable proposal, in which they just put a certain amount and in a short period of time, without having to make any effort, it will multiply, then, the person is deluded by this possibility.

“The idea of wanting the benefit, but not the sacrifice, is very common. People are always looking for a shortcut. So they’re always falling for these stories and promises that they can have the result without paying the price, and that doesn’t exist, so wake up! “, Alert.

And in love life it’s no different, because in order not to be alone, many men and women have being lead by false promises from people who just want to take some advantage of them. And instead of evaluating facts and evidence, they get carried away by what they feel.

3rd – Reason – Good people don’t expect evil from others

Renato highlights that this is one of the reasons why many intelligent, capable people fall into scams. In other words, they don’t expect on the evil of others. Because they are not capable of committing such evil to anyone, they tend to attribute the same character, the same integrity to other people, despite being aware that there are bad people in the world.

“You have to wake up to reality. In the world, unfortunately, there is a lot of evil, there are many people hurt, even in love. People who because they suffered a lot in love, decided to make other people suffer too. So you can’t be ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and think that everyone wants what’s best for you, because that’s not true. Be careful!”, he advises.

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