When entertainment takes you hostage

Many seek entertainment but are not always aware that they can become hostages of those moments and hours of leisure.

I would like you to consider the meaning of the word “entertainment”. A word that expresses what most people want and seek: fun, a moment to relax. We will consider the meaning of this word and why it is essential. In fact, it is very important that you pay attention to the meanings of the word.

God created the human being as the only being able to formulate ideas and communicate with words, like Him. And this ability is the presence of God Himself in the human being; it is an extension of Him. The human being should think: “How are we the only creatures capable of expressing intricate ideas?”

The Word of God gives us the reason: We were created in His image and likeness.

That’s why we have this ability like Him. Therefore, pay attention to the meanings of the words. New words are created, the old ones are abandoned, and some change their meaning.

“Entertainment”, for example, is apparently a harmless word. But see that it is the junction of two words: “entertain” and “attainment”. “Entertain” can also be in the middle of two things. “Attainment” comes from “holding, maintaining”. That is, “entertain” is “to keep someone engaged in two things”. In other words, it is “holding a person in one place”. Something like “retaining the person in a state of mind”. As in: “entertain a guest”.

So, you understand why you turn on the TV after work and before bed. Between work and sleep comes entertainment.

On the weekend, it’s the same thing. In English, we even use the acronym “TGIF” (“Thank God it’s Friday”).

And why does the human being have this problematic relationship with Monday? Because it’s as if work from Monday to Friday got in the way of the weekend’s fun.

If “entertaining” keeps you in a particular state of mind, keeping you between two things (usually productive things), what is the potential problem in staying entertained?

While we are within “entertainment”, our state of mind is determined by someone who is providing that entertainment. For example: if you watch a romance film, you think: “My wife or my husband is not like that”.

And there’s another problem: while we’re within “entertainment”, we’re in the middle of the useless. I’m not saying you shouldn’t relax. A periodic rest is even Biblical (God created the “sabbath”).

Likewise, the night is good for people to sleep. Some people are stressing themselves. You need to rest and protect your sleep but there is time for everything, as the Bible says.

Today, we live in the world of the internet, where you can always be with your eyes on a screen. So, everyone wants your attention. Entertainment is a business, and you are the product.

What should you do with this information? Be careful that entertainment does not steal your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. Or that it does not steal your productivity or influence your state of mind. Because when you watch a series, you are drinking from ideologies and opinions. What you toss at your head is the raw material for your thoughts. In entertainment, we are literally stuck saying: “Have fun and take my time”.

Think about it…

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