What’s so good about Good Friday anyway?

Good Friday can signify a different meaning to us all. For some Good Friday is just another bank holiday to rest, relax, go shopping, get chores completed around the house or for some much-needed family time.

For most children, the meaning represents Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and frantically running around at scavenger hunts finding hidden clues and lots of chocolate treats along the way.

For Christians, Good Friday is a fundamental day of the year because it commemorates what we believe to be the most momentous day in the history of the world. Ever since Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and was resurrected on the third day, Christians proclaim this to be the decisive turning point for all creation. So, that explains Good Friday but what makes it so good and what does it mean for you?

Well, on Friday 15th April – 3pm  at the Universal Church we will be hosting our yearly event ‘It is Finished.’

The ‘It Is Finished’ event is certainly not about religion, it is for all those who want to experience the power of God and see a total transformation in their life just like Tapiwa Senah, who was set free from a glamorous lifestyle that almost got him killed. For Rosemar Castro, it was no different. She could not stop her son from making wrong decisions and going down a negative path in life. However, what she could control were her own actions which led her to attend the Universal Church. After, participating in purposes of faith and not giving up on her son, he was delivered from a life of drugs, alcohol and bad friendships.

Jesus, was the only one who paid the price in full on the cross for us all. This marked the beginning of a new life and salvation for all those who believe. This is what makes Good Friday so good and the reason why we are inviting you to encounter this goodness.

The event starts at 3pm, the exact hour Jesus said ‘It is Finished’ on the cross. So, if you want to use your faith to say ‘It Is Finished’ to a problem to finally bring the situation to an end, then this event is for you!

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