Most Christians would say: “God” without thinking twice, but is it really true?

Unfortunately, many people are deceived by their hearts and led to believe that He is the first when in reality, this is far from the truth.

If we take some time to analyse our lives, we can identify what has been our priorities. Maybe you can easily spend 1 hour talking to someone you love on the phone but you can’t talk to God in prayer for 10 minutes because you run out of words. This is a sign that He has not been your priority.

If we don’t watch out, anything can take first place in our hearts: a football club, celebrities, money, family members and the list goes on. There are people who even quit their jobs to live near someone they love but when it comes to God, they don’t put the same effort. You know that something is first in your life when you don’t measure efforts to do something for that person or thing.

If we don’t prioritise God we cannot complain that our life is not moving forward, because He cannot prioritise us if He is not the first in our lives. It’s up to us. The Holy Spirit doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone, He is either first or He’s not going to be there at all. The day that you put Him in the first place, you will be filled by His presence and as a consequence, all other areas of your life will be blessed.

Last Sunday all those who attended our churches received a list of things that could be taking first place in their lives. This Sunday, bring this list to your local Universal Church at 11am, where we will also have the Great Baptism Day taking place throughout all of our Universal Churches.

You will receive prayers and will be guided on how to reorder your priorities in a way that God is at the top. If you still don’t have your list, please find it below to print or you can receive it at your nearest Universal Church.


For more info, please call or WhatsApp our 24h Helpline: 050 5430 336.



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