What is the basis of insecurity?


Insecurity does not respect age, social class, bank account, level of education…

The person may even think that they are very well resolved, but, deep down, there is an insecurity. Remember that the fight against insecurity is lifelong, so we must always be aware, because when it arrives, it changes behaviors, determines how we feel and makes us make decisions that we would never make.

Insecurity is present in many situations in our lives: comparison; envy; jealousy; the need to prove your worth; feeling ugly, inferior and incapable; needing to be the center of attention; feeling like you don’t deserve anything better; not knowing how to hear “no”; be afraid of losing; not believing… All insecurity arises from the lack of true belief in what God said, that He chose us, that we are loved and cared for by Him! Therefore, make the decision to lean on the Rock, which is God!

Nubia Siqueira

Source: Eu era assim


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