What is it for and who should participate in the Campaign of Israel?

This Wednesday (05), at the Temple of Solomon, Bishop Renato Cardoso clarified some doubts about the purpose, during the “Night of the Hidden Manna”.

The purpose:

At the Campaign of Israel, those who believe go beyond their limits in search of life transformation. The spiritual sacrifice and the surrender of life are accompanied by the material sacrifice – which, by the way, is small when the person surrenders their whole being.

It’s optional:

“Campaign of Israel is not an imposition, it is voluntary. No one has an obligation to do this purpose… I, for example, do it because my faith asks me, the Holy Spirit convinces me that He wants to do more in my life”, explained the Bishop.

Furthermore, the Bishop stressed that sacrifice is something between the person and God. “The Holy Spirit is the one who will guide you on what to do before and after,” he said.

The goal:

The theme for this month of July is the exchange of spirit, of mind, because the outer change is a consequence of the inner one.

“Is there something bad in me that blocks the action of the Holy Spirit in my life? Spirit of pride, unbelief, negativism, inferiority, victimise, etc? If you analyse yourself and identify something that should be removed, do it!

Who did it says:

Therefore, when the person surrenders, God, in return, “makes a point of taking this impossible case and showing how great He is in the lives of His people,” he added.

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