What has been at the centre of your life?

In the Old Testament, when the people of Israel were moving from Egypt to the Promised Land they carried with them the tabernacle (a portable dwelling place for God). At the time the Temple of Solomon was yet to be built.

The Tabernacle guaranteed the victory of the people of Israel, as it represented the presence of God. The 12 tribes of Israel would camp in an orderly fashion (see image below) around the tabernacle, placing God at the centre of all that they did.

campment origToday, this can be related to the faithful tithers. When you show that you depend on God completely, you are placing Him at the centre of your life.

Returning your tithes shows your dependence on God and when all the decisions you make are based on His guidance, how could they go wrong? If we insist on depending on our capability or the capability of others, we won’t live the abundant life we desire.

Returning our tithes shows to God that we don’t depend on our own wisdom but on His. However, we need to do it with reverence: not simply thinking about the blessings that He will give us in return but rather doing it as a thanksgiving to what He is doing and has done in our lives.

Choose to place God at the centre of your life. Join us for this special Tithers Consecration on Sunday, 7 November, at 11am. The names of all the tithers will be taken to the replica of the tabernacle at the Temple of Solomon in Brazil, where our Bishops and Pastors will pray on your behalf, determining that you will not lack your daily bread and above all, that you will be spiritually rich towards God.

If you’re not a tither but would like to join us for this special service or would like to know more information, please call our helpline or WhatsApp us on 050 5430 336.

Date: Sunday, 7 November 2021
Time: 11am
Location:  Universal Church

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