What choice do you make for your soul?

Understand in this message from Bishop Macedo and Ester Bezerra

God puts in the hand of each human being the decision to choose the destiny of his soul, advising him not to make mistakes, because everything he sows in this world, he will also reap.

What to analyze:

It was on this subject that Bishop Macedo and his wife Ester Bezerra spoke on the Teaching of Faith program on Saturday (03). They even highlighted the importance of the decision to do the Fast of Daniel, for the good of their own soul.

“By doing the Fast of Daniel, you are planting for eternal life, and consequently conserving your eternity with God. But if you fast with anxiety, you are in a state of doubt, so it is likely that you will not receive the Holy Spirit”, explained the Bishop.

Why do the Fast of Daniel:

In this way, the Bishop gave guidelines on how to carry out this purpose of faith, which has the main objective of leading people to be baptised with the Holy Spirit.

“You can’t be worried, anxious or bothered, because that shows your doubt. If I were in your shoes, I would do what God suggests, obeying what He said, eliminating small talk, social media, news, thoughts that are not in line with God’s “, he advised.

Esther also oriented about taking pleasure in what you do by participating in this purpose. “What will you reap from what you sow? If you plant the thoughts of God and make this purpose a pleasant thing, you will know the fruits of the Holy Spirit, being a kinder and more patient person”, said Ester.

In addition, they highlighted that the UNIVER VIDEO platform is a great ally for the Fast of Daniel, in order to make you more aware of the Kingdom of God.

Testimony of those who made the right choice:

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