“Week of the Healing Soul”: February 12th to 19th

Why is it important:

“It will be for all sick souls. We are living this purpose. It will be a week in which we will dive into the soul (while the world dives into the flesh, trying to bring a little joy to the soul). People throw themselves headlong into parties, nightclubs, etc. because the soul is looking for joy, pleasure. It’s like being thirsty and drinking something sweet. It won’t quench your thirst. Nothing quenches thirst like water. And the pure water of the Holy Spirit is the only thing that can quench the thirst of the soul”, announced Bishop Renato Cardoso, in the program Intelligence and Faith, on February 6th.

It is worth emphasizing that, on Sunday, the “Lord’s  Supper of the Healing of the Soul” will take place.

What Bishop Macedo said about it:
Bishop Macedo explained that when a person suffers, it is his soul that suffers.

“Jesus came into the world to give His soul, holy, pure, in favor of afflicted, wounded, lost souls in this world”, he emphasizes.

What else do you need to know:

When we are sick and we go to the doctor, he asks what the are the symptoms we have. Also in the soul, you need to identify if you have the following symptoms:

A constant sadness;
Carries a pain of a betrayal;
Feel a hurt inside;
Has a sense of injustice;
An inner emptiness;
A sense of guilt;
You keep revived memories of traumas;

Or, even if  you are inside of the church, but…

You no longer feel like reading the Bible;
You don’t talk to God and you don’t hear His voice anymore;
Feel a desire to experience the world;
Or even has evil eyes against someone.

This is the opportunity for you to heal your soul.

As the Bible notes,

“Return, my soul, to your rest, for the Lord has been good to you” (Psalm 116:7).

Watch the video below and understand more about this purpose of faith: