Universal opens new temple in Romania

Missionaries faced difficulties with the local culture to be able to preach the Gospel

On Sunday (16/10), the inauguration of a new temple of the Universal Church took place in Romania.

The person responsible for evangelistic work in the country, Bishop Julio Faustino, held the opening meeting where 90 people were present who received a word of faith and Salvation.

Find out more details:

  • In total, there are 12 churches in the country, including 8 weekly special prayer location held in other cities.

    The new church is located in the municipality of Brasov, 184 kilometers from the capital, Bucharest. The address is Str. Avram Iancu, nº 52 – Brasov.

  • According to Bishop Julio Faustino, one of the main difficulties in opening the church is the prejudice of many owners. “When they find out that the rented place is for a new church, they refuse to continue. That’s why it took a lot of searching to find an owner who would accept it”, says the Bishop.

  • In addition, Romania is an Orthodox country, of communist origin. Therefore, the difficulty of understanding the culture of the people is another challenge.

  • “The way they see family, marriage and how they deal with problems is different, so we need to bring the Gospel in a clearer way for them to understand. Most people who come here are first told about faith, the new birth, the Holy Spirit, none of which are taught by religion. Another difficulty is overcoming the barrier of religion, as they bring it as an inheritance from their parents and grandparents. All other churches that are not Orthodox are called sects,” he explains.

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