Universal helps survivors in the city of Bucha, Ukraine

During the action, volunteers delivered basic food baskets to city residents. learn more

In a recent solidarity action, Universal volunteers helped survivors in the city of Bucha, Ukraine.

The overall picture:

Established north of the capital Kiev, Bucha is in the same region as Irpin and Hostomel, cities that registered conflicts and were occupied by Russians in the first weeks of the war.

Bucha is a small town, with an estimated population, in 2020, of 37 thousand inhabitants spread over an area of only 26.5 km².

What’s new:

With the aim of helping the survivors of Bucha, recently, volunteers from Universal in the capital Kiev got together and took basic food bags and a Word of Faith to the city.

The meeting took place in a House of Culture in the city. The site was provided by the city hall and more than 300 people benefited from the action.

We traveled 35 km to the city, which is quite destroyed. There, in addition to social action, we also carry out spiritual work. Among the many people who were present, two caught my attention: among them, a lady who accompanied her family, approached us and said: ‘we did not come for physical food, but for spiritual food’.
In the other case, a strong and good-looking man, in tears, said that he was successful, but that he had lost everything and today he survives on donations. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing joy in people’s eyes and also being able to help both physically and spiritually”, commented Pastor Tiago Casagrande, currently responsible for evangelistic work in Ukraine.

Universal in Ukraine

Universal started working in the country 16 years ago, initially in the capital, Kiev, and since then has been helping thousands of Ukrainians. Despite the difficulties, the work of evangelization does not stop. Weekly, volunteers visit hospitals and preach the faith to those who want to give their lives to Jesus.