Unisocial humanitarian aid to Ukraine 

Whilst we wake up to what could be described as a ‘normal life,’ explosives including landmines is unfortunately a reality and daily life for a Ukrainian. The war has abruptly changed life for many in Ukraine.

Although, millions have now fled from their home country there are still hundreds and thousands of families in danger and severely affected as the conflict continues to escalate. 

Homes, schools, hospitals and water supplies have been damaged or destroyed. Struggling with temperatures often below zero, people have grown increasingly desperate for food, water and other supplies. Many are seeing and experiencing a life dominated by uncertainty.

The Lord Jesus said: “for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in” (Matthew 25:35). 

In line with this, The Universal Church considers it a moral obligation to help. Therefore, we contacted the Ukrainian Association in Finland  and asked how we could assist the people in Ukraine. 

It was decided to collect donations from church members including those willing to help in the community, in order add the efforts of their association to bring this help to those most in need. 

Our prayer goes to all people Ukrainians and Russians as God sees all as souls and have mercy to all.

Sources: https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-kyiv-suburbs-under-attack-as-zelenskyy-warns-of-russia-attack-on-nato-homes-after-strike-near-polish-border-12565791

The Universal church (UCKG) all over Europe is also helping, below you can see the our UK Church and Portugal have being making massive efforts on this humanitarian aid support:

UK – Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

2.5 tonnes of humanitarian aid.

Visit ou website in the UK: Here

Portugal – Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

All over the country in our locations people have helped to reach a great amount of donation.

Visit our website in Portugal: Here

What is UniSocial?

UNISOCIAL is the partnership of all the outreach groups of The Universal Church Social Projects: Assistants, Soul Winners, VYG, Caleb Group (among others) with the goal of doing social work and saving souls for the Kingdom of God. It organises fundraisers, donations, and voluntary services to help those in need.

We combine charitable deeds with faith in the God of the Bible to transform lives. We believe that true change can only happen if a person’s mind is renewed and trained to think the way God does.

UNISOCIAL has led disaster relief effort in various communities around world, as well as periodic food donation to assist struggling communities. Its ongoing efforts have brought hope to hundreds of families.

The Universal Church has come together to support anyone struggling to maintain themselves during these unprecedented times. The UNISOCIAL aims to people who do not have family and friends around to support them and anyone who is a victim of this virus economical consequences.