Two approaches you need to have in the face of difficulties

Your rent keeps going up, you haven’t been able to live a comfortable life due to the influx of bills, you feel stuck in a dead-end job, or you feel overwhelmed by your financial matters, etc…

Your reactions to moments of difficulty reveal who you are and how your faith is.

Below you will learn two essential approaches to achieving victory in your financial life.

1. Hear and obey the Word of God:

When you base your life on the Word of God, it empowers you to see your problems as an opportunity to bring glory to His Name.

For a long period of time, the people of Israel fled and hid from their enemies, however, God was looking for someone who would react in the right way, someone who will be brave enough to face their enemies. One day, God saw Gideon: a simple man, incapable to lead a war, but who gave ears to the Word of God.

God’s words followed by Gideon’s obedience brought to life victory over Israel’s enemies.

2. Be clothed in the Spirit of God:

“But the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon…” (Judges 6:34)

The heroes of faith mentioned in the Bible all had one thing in common, before winning wars, they were first clothed with power from above – which is the Spirit of God. Without this power, it is impossible to win your battles since it gives us the ability to override our weaknesses and empowers us to face the enemies of faith (doubts, laziness, fears, etc).

No matter how challenging your financial situation may be at this moment you can turn it around.

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