To get what’s big, change your spirit

Understand what are the attitudes that prevent the Creator from transforming someone’s life

God is Sovereign and for Him it’s easy to solve anything. But when the subject is the spirit (mind) of the human being, the difficulties begin.


If the person is not aligned with the mind of the Most High, he will not collaborate with His plan, he will not have the correct attitudes and He will not be able to be his ally.

Remember: the Lord does not do what we can do. He works in us and with us, he does nothing alone.

That’s why His first action in someone is the exchange of spirit, to be able to act freely in and through the person.


During a recent seminar at the Congress for Success, Bishop Jadson Santos used the example of Gideon (read Judges 6 to 8) to show the attitudes that prevent the Creator from transforming someone’s life.

Insecurity or inferiority complex:

“…O my Lord, how can I save Israel? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”’ Judges 6:15

As long as he lamented, and saw himself incapable and small, nothing could happen. “Exchange the spirit of the ‘O my’, for the spirit of ‘Go! Stop diminishing yourself, because God hates that attitude. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have conditions, study, etc. He doesn’t seek anyone by condition. He wants to work with you and if he has chosen you, he will give you the conditions”, highlighted the Bishop


Gideon took a while to be sure it was the Most High who was speaking to him, so he asked for a series of signs.

“This shows fear, because when people are sure that God is with them, there is no longer any doubt”, he said.


God sent Gideon to fight with 300 men precisely so that they would not be proud, thinking that they won by their own strength.


Despite being angry, Gideon was still fearful, he acted like a poor guy and blamed God for that situation.

“Your revolt must be directed against the situation, not against God. Also, your spirit must be willing to take action and not expect Him or anyone else to do everything. The hero of your life is you, victory will come from within you”, he concluded.

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