Three Biblical Observations About Will Smith’s Attitude

During the Oscars on Sunday (27th of March), Will Smith shocked everyone by slapping comedian Chris Rock, who was presenting the awards show, in the face. The aggressive attitude came as a result of a joke made by Rock about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Why this news matters:

In life, we must guard ourselves against evil at three key points: when we are at the top, at the bottom and distracted.

What happened:

The comedian made a joke about Jada’s shaved head, which is the result of an autoimmune disorder, that causes hair loss, called alopecia. This didn’t please her husband, who responded aggressively in the middle of the ceremony by going up to the presenter and striking him across the face.

During a commercial break, actors such as Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper stepped in to try to calm him down. About half an hour after the incident, Will Smith won the Academy Award for best actor for his role in ‘King Richard’, and during his acceptance speech, he apologised to the Academy, and to those attending – he didn’t apologise to Chris Rock specifically.

What Will Smith said a day later:

Smith took to social media to apologise and acknowledge that he acted out of emotion.

“Jokes at my expense are part of the job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to handle and I reacted emotionally. Violence in all its forms is poisonous and destructive. My behaviour at last night’s Oscars was unacceptable and unforgivable,” he wrote.


During his acceptance speech, Smith quoted Denzel (who is himself a Christian): ‘When you’re at the top of your life, evil comes to tempt you.’ That night the actor would receive his first Oscar. He was tempted and fell into the trap of his emotions. What can we learn from this?

Be very careful, because it is in these moments (when we are at the top, at rock bottom and distracted) that we tend to let our guard down.

That’s exactly how evil got David: when it was time for him to be in the war, he decided to stay home and relax. He was already successful, he had won many wars and thought he shouldn’t have to take any chances. Then David saw Bathsheba, and you know the rest of the story (2 Samuel 11).


Never rest or relax spiritually, as the tendency is to be distracted by the evils’ suggestions, will cause you inconvenience and even irreparable damage.

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