Three attitudes to overcome crisis

The world is experiencing another global crisis. Among others, they are financial, humanitarian, sanitary, and political. However, crises have always existed and always will.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn to overcome them. You cannot stand still waiting for things to pass and for time to resolve the situation.

Remember: time does not solve the problem. It aggravates it. When you experience a problem, for example with your phone or car, you don’t wait for it to go away: you take it to a specialist to be fixed. As with a crisis, you must act so that it ends.

There was a time when Israel was suffering from a severe drought, because it hadn’t rained for 3 years straight. When King Ahab surrendered and sought God’s help, the prophet Elijah readily helped him (1 Kings 18:41-46).

This biblical passage illustrates three things that Elijah did to overcome a crisis, that you can do too.

First, don’t lean into the problem. Let God be your only source of strength.

Before Him, you must always be on your knees, humble, dependent. And not depend on your degree, people you know, your knowledge or experience. Don’t let pride, achievements, or problems stop you from remaining surrendered to Him.

Second, you must not be influenced by what you see and hear. Elijah prayed several times and sent the servant to see if anything changed. Seven of those times everything remained the same, but he didn’t let himself get carried away by the circumstances.

Nowadays, people are easily influenced. Any bad news makes them tremble with fear. You will hear negative things, see bad things, but don’t allow yourself to be influenced by them. Let the Word of God influence you instead.

Lastly, you must continue to believe. Elijah persevered and prayed seven times. Keep praying, believing, crying out, persisting, believing, insisting, even if it doesn’t seem to be working.

After all, if you get discouraged and give up, will your problem be solved or get worse? If you stop fighting nothing won’t change.

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