The Sunday of the Last Chance

Starting afresh after so many failed attempts can be daunting, whether it’s the attempt of winning your family back, restoring trust in your relationship, finding internal peace or breaking free from a bad habit.

However, being hard on yourself and looking back on the past is common but causes one to inflict pain on themselves, making it harder for anyone to start afresh.

But what if you had one last chance to turn things around, what do you wish you had one more chance to get right?

  • Restore your marriage
  • Excel in your studies
  • Win your family back
  • Do better this time
  • Realise your dream
  • Beat an addiction
  • Win back your family’s trust
  • Start over
  • Be a better partner
  • A better parent
  • A better daughter/son

No matter what your past may look like, we believe your future can be restored, everyone deserves a second chance to turn their lives around.

Read Julie Tedeschi’s story on how she grabbed her last chance at turning her life around:

julieout“I was a wreck! I drank heavily, had terrible nightmares and an explosive temper. I couldn’t go hours without alcohol though I wanted to. I was angry with myself for being weak but I didn’t have the strength to overcome these on my own. Help came from the Universal Church – I felt they were my last chance to turn my life around. There I was taught how to use my faith and received practical advice for my spiritual wellbeing and saw great changes in my life. I was able to overcome all of my struggles and today I have peace! I’ve been alcohol free for 24 years now.”

Sunday, 19th June, at 11am we will have the ‘Sunday of the Last Chance’ for you that say ‘I need one more chance to get things right’, through practical teachings from the Word of God and prayers we will guide you.

This meeting will take place in all of our Universal Churches at 11am (also at 4pm).

If things haven’t gone your way in the first half of the year, make sure you get the chance to make amends in the remaining six months by joining us for the ‘Sunday of the Last Chance’.

Event: The Sunday of the Last Chance
Date and time: Sunday, 19 June at 11am (also, at 4pm)
Location: Your local Universal Church

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