The Sunday of Forgiveness

Practicing forgiveness is essential to achieve a life of peace and harmony, however, for many people, forgiving those who have hurt them is impossible, as they believe that doing so is the same as clearing them of guilt.

But the truth is that when we forgive we are doing good not for those who hurt us, but for ourselves.

Therefore, on April 21st, it will be the Day of Forgiveness in all Universal temples.

Consequences of the grudges:

Bishop Renato Cardoso highlights that many health problems are the result of a grudge, an emotional problem, so they give medicines to treat the body, but they cannot treat the heart.

“When a person is healed in the soul, they are often also healed in the body. That’s why Jesus, when he healed the sick, in some cases, he first forgave the person. He said: “your sins are forgiven” and only then performed the cure. That is, he cured the person of the disease of sin and then healed them physically”, explains the Bishop.

“Grief is like iron balls ten times your weight chained to your ankles. You won’t be able to leave the place, but when you cut these chains of evil, then your life will take off”, he guarantees.

Get ready:

“So, you who want to receive God’s forgiveness, cleanse yourself of grudges, ask someone for forgiveness, even if it is the most difficult thing in your life; you who need to free yourself from guilt for something you did and haven’t forgiven yourself until today, who have a pride that won’t let you forgive, or you who harbour a feeling of revenge within yourself, get ready for this April 21st, the day of forgiveness”, warns Bishop Renato.

Event: The Sunday of Forgiveness

Time: 11am – English and Finnish
8:30am – Portuguese 
6pm – Spanish