The Shout for Justice

You can’t fight for justice with your arms crossed!

The feeling of conformity can make anyone feel as if they should accept their financial difficulties…

Maybe you have found yourself complaining about your financial difficulties instead of doing something about it. Wouldn’t you say it is time to take a different approach?

Revolt! When you learn to revolt, you are standing up against any injustice faced, after all, prayers without actions won’t provoke results.

Don’t conform to financial injustice; low paid job, debts, stagnant business plans, etc. God is a God of justice and He wants to bring justice to your life, the Word of God says:

 “God is a just judge…” (Psalms 7:11)

If you want anyone to fight your case let that someone be God, we are sure that faith backed up with actions will bring about victory.
Today during our Congress of Success meetings, we will cry out for justice, from the One who can grant it.

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