The second chance everyone is looking for

There is always the concept of a second chance added to those who one day departed from faith in God and chose to ‘make their own way’, but without success…

It’s been over a year since Valter returned to Universal. But today he knows that the decision he made to abandon his faith had repercussions, many of which put his own life at risk. As unfortunately happens to many people, the young man had already attended church when he was still a child, however, for personal reasons he had distanced himself a few years ago. “It was during this period, immersed in the world, that I got involved with gangs, drugs and trafficking, and my life was destroyed”, he recalls.


Currently residing in Sweden, more precisely in Malmo, and working in Denmark, Valter made the decision to surrender to God and be baptised in water in a week that he had travel to Portugal. Upon returning to Sweden, Valter asked to attend the online meetings, as the city where he lives, Malmo, is 600km from Stockholm, where there is a Universal Church. During all this time, he faithfully attended the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday meetings. At this stage, more people also started to attend meetings via zoom and he was always attentive to guidance and assistance via WhatsApp and in Church groups. Distance never kept him away.


But the big day, the one Valter will never forget, was the day he received the Holy Spirit! How wonderful! Even alone and on his own initiative, the young man began the work of evangelisation in the area where he lives. It didn’t take long for the fruit of the Holy Spirit to begin to emerge, as he recently sent photos of meetings held in Malmo, his city, and Copenhagen, a result of the evangelisation.


Many souls have been reached through the Word carried by the new servants of God in these countries!