The right reaction determines the outcome

To achieve success, you have to deal well with obstacles. Learn it

Problems have the ability to make you stronger or weaker. It all depends on your reaction and how you deal with them.


Whoever wants to be successful, will have to face the challenges and will not be able to give up during difficult times.
Abraham was an example of someone extremely blessed, but to reach this level he had to face a series of obstacles.
Here are two pieces of advice given to the patriarch by the Most High that were essential for him to win:

Do not fear:

Every human being has feelings and can be afraid at some point. But you must not be carried away by them, nor surrender.

“It’s normal to be afraid, after all, you’re alive. But God told Abraham (Genesis 15:1) and tells you not to fear. It won’t be easy, there will be times when you have to say it to yourself. Rest assured that this fight will pass and it will become a great testimony”, said The Pastor during a lecture at the Congress for Success.

Learn how to wait:

Nobody likes to wait, especially in a chaotic situation.
Abraham, for example, even being faithful to God, had to wait 25 years to have the son he so desired.
But you can’t be an anxious person. Know that you have to insist, persevere to achieve the result.

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