The Earth is closer to the end

A group of nuclear scientists (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) announced last Tuesday (24 January) that the world is closer than ever to the end. The statement is based on the advancing of the hands of the “doomsday clock”.

The clock was created in 1947, shortly after World War II, the closer the hands are to midnight, the closer the earth is to the ending.
The advance or retreat of the hands is determined by a series of complex mathematical calculations that measure the real probability of catastrophic events happening, such as nuclear wars, epidemic diseases and climate changes.

This year, scientists announced that we are 90 seconds away from the end of the world, the closest the doomsday clock has come to midnight since its inception.Doomsbday

What determined the advance of the pointers were Russia’s threats to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

“…when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!”(Matthew 24:33)

Science is agreeing with the warnings stated in the Bible for centuries: the world as we know it has an expiration date.

But what really matters is not when or how that day will come. The most important thing is to know what will happen to your soul when everything happens.

The Lord Jesus spoke about the signs that would precede His Return and what would happen in the final judgment (Matthew 24). It would be a time of extreme distress around the world (Matthew 24:21).

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Make this investment in your Salvation while there is still time!