The Christian in the Virtual World

Follow this important reflection on the subject of the writer and columnist Núbia Siqueira

The official Godllywood Portugal page on Instagram recently published a video where the writer and columnist Núbia Siqueira, in a chat with a friend, talks about this essential and timely topic, especially in this period we are living: The Fast of Daniel

Why it’s important?

Social networks, the virtual world as a whole are part of most people’s daily lives. Today, almost everyone has a profile on social networks and uses the internet for the most varied purposes: as entertainment, to get information, to interact with other people, to buy, to sell, to promote themselves… And, of course, Christians also make use of this tool.

But the question is: as people of God, how should we behave on social media? “Because all this speaks a lot about our spiritual condition”, emphasizes Núbia.

The Christian on Social Media:

“Everybody want to show off on social media; show what they’re eating, where they’re going… they want to open up their lives to the fullest and in a way, have the approval of other people. But is this the behavior of Christians?”
“Should we make social networks this diary, in which everything is shown? After all, if everything we do is for the glory of God, what’s the limit?” She asks.

Principle of good conduct:

The true Christian has the same conduct in all environments, whether virtual or not. He is authentic, so what he is at home is at work, at school, with friends, wherever. However, this is not what often happens on social media. Because on social networks, many feel free to criticize and make derogatory comments on a photo, for example, which they personally would not have the courage to do.

So, one of the principles of good conduct on social media is to be what you are in everyday life. The social network has to be an extension of who I am. No pretense, no masks.

3 essential points for the Christian on the internet:

1 – What to post:

“I seek to publish what I think is important, interesting and that will add to the lives of other people. About faith, values, family, and not a space for my outbursts or for me to show off”.
“You won’t see me posting what I’m having lunch, drinking coffee, my look of the day, because it won’t add anything to anyone’s life.”

2 – Who do you follow?

We Christians look for references, so when we follow someone it’s because that person inspires us, but that doesn’t mean he directs our life.

3 – What do you consume?

If you are looking for a message to edify your spiritual life, be discerning about the bearer of the message, his character. Not everyone who is talking about God or teaching something about God is fit for that. So, be careful, because much of the content that is available is muddy water unfit for consumption.