The blessing of the Lord’s Prayer

Are you familiar with the Lord’s prayer?

Most people know it off by heart as a religious obligation, but do we truly know the significance of this prayer and what it means for our lives today?

For the next seven Sunday’s we invite you to bring a loaf of bread and water to your local Universal Church, to receive the blessing of the Lord’s Prayer.

What is your daily bread? What do you want to achieve before the year is out? A financial conquest, unity in your family, good health, whatever your ‘daily bread’ (need) may be, we believe you can achieve it!

Maybe thus far the year has been rocky, full of unexpected news or maybe you find yourself feeling frustrated because your plans were thrown off course. It’s easy to feel worn out to the point of throwing in the towel.

But don’t give up and don’t fight alone, decide to make a partnership with God, bring your bread and water to declare that when you eat and drink of it you will receive the strength you need to conquer what comes from above – the blessings of God.

Be our guest and see the results of the Lord’s Prayer unfold within your life.

If you can’t wait until Sunday and need spiritual support, call our helpline now: 050 5430 336

Event: The Lord’s Prayer with the Bread and Water
Date and time: Sunday 31st July – Sunday 11th September, at 11am & 4pm 
Location: Taking place at The Universal Church

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