Some (bad) habits that can lead to depression

Tired out? Satisfied? Relaxed?… how do you usually end your day? Your answer to this question may indicate the habits that have feed your mental health.

Repress feelings and emotions

Repressing emotions for too long makes people stressed. High levels of stress disrupt the regular functioning of the body, causing a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as irritability and insomnia.

Exposure to negative news

A study, published in the journal Health Communication, considered the state of people who constantly consume negative news to be “severely problematic”, having revealed signs of increased levels of stress, anxiety and health problems.

Negative thinking

Expecting the worst from situations and relationships is a characteristic of those who think negatively. This posture can also make you believe that you are a horrible person, without talents and without hope of being happy.

Undermine yourself

Due to bad experiences or pessimistic mindset, some people tend to lower themselves. They blame themselves for everything and gent move on over possible mistakes on their part. This habit not only harms mental health, but also creates reasons for self hate.

Holding on to the past

Attachment to the past is usually associated with an unhealthy emotional and psychological state. When you can’t forget what you’ve been through, you have difficulty living in the present and building an even more pleasant future.

Source: Folha de Portugal

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