Sociable or Sanctified?

A word of caution from God to you!

  • The use of social media has risen significantly and has become more prominent in all our lives, particularly during the pandemic. For some, social media had a positive impact allowing them to connect with family, friends and find valuable support.On the other hand, researchers examined a large UK household survey of more than 72,000 people, who were asked to report how satisfied they were with life and how much time they spent talking to friends on social media on a typical day.  Young adolescents showed the most negative relationship between social media use and life satisfaction overall. The study suggests among girls aged 11 to 13, those who had increased their use of social media in the last 12 months were less satisfied with life a year later.Life satisfaction is something that is achievable. You may have heard of the saying ‘less is more’ – a common view used to express that a minimalistic approach is more effective and this is what ultimately happens during the Fast of Daniel.

    The Fast of Daniel is for sanctification. In order to sanctify ourselves, we must separate ourselves from the things that may be a distraction to have more communion with God. They come in all forms of entertainment and secular information, which bombard us constantly, so we are fasting for 21 days, denying pleasures and entertainments that distance us from Him. It is a time for those who want to get closer to God. It is a time to humble ourselves and to show God that He is our priority.

    In the Bible, when someone was deeply grieved by their actions and was in a state of repentance, they would often wear sackcloth and ashes. This was an outward sign of humility before God (Jonah 3:5-8).

    The main objective of this fast is for you to receive the Holy Spirit, to have the Holy Spirit living inside of you; that is constant peace, joy, strength, and a guide living in you. No one pours clean water into a dirty cup. Likewise, a person cannot be given the Holy Spirit when there are other spirits dwelling in his body, such as the spirit of envy, dissension, anger, greed, gossip, etc.

    Life satisfaction can only be obtained through receiving the Holy Spirit and this is why we invite you to join us in this purpose from this Wednesday. Rest assured, if you do your part by disconnecting from entertainment and replacing it with what edifies your spiritual life God will pour out His Spirit, in order for you to receive complete joy and satisfaction in all areas of your life.