Sleeping with the Enemy

It’s with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week yet still many don’t know how to rule over it…it’s the heart!

During the study of the book ‘The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul’ Bishop James explored chapter 2 ‘The Affections of the heart’.

“The greatest enemy of a human being is his heart. It’s the heart that makes people cling to money and be irrational about the value of material things. It’s the heart that instigates people to behave cruelly to achieve their goals. It’s the heart that induces people to fall in love with the wrong person and sometimes even destroy someone else’s family.” (extracted from the book The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul).

What has your heart led you to do? Many have sadly listened to its plead and later lived in regret but how does one guide their heart since it’s always with them?

Only by surrendering it to God can we gain control over our heart since God leads us in Spirit – that is with our mind.

Note that our biggest problem isn’t caused by other people as many think. But by the suggestions of our own deceitful hearts.

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