Reborn to “FREEDOM”, even behind bars

About three hundred women are serving time at the Prison in Matosinhos-Portugal, which witnessed an unparalleled conversion and surrender by faith.

The level is high security and its capacity is 352 women… we are talking about the Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison – Female, in Matosinhos-Portugal, one of the 49 where Universal has been carrying out its work, through the Rescue of Dignity (ROD).

The Female EP of Santa Cruz do Bispo began operating on the third day of 2005 and was officially opened on January 31 of the following year. Since then, thousands of women have already paid their debt to society there, through the prison system.

For more than 7 years, Universal in the Prisons, through its volunteers, has carried out an intense rehabilitation work with people deprived of liberty. With more than 40 inmates to be accompanied in this EP, daily meetings are also held, to which all are welcome.

Last Friday, May 12th, a very special event took place in this women’s prison, as 22 inmates were baptized in water by Bishop Odivan, as a sign of their repentance and sincere commitment to God. ROD volunteers were present, providing support and assistance to anyone who so desired.

The book “V Woman” and Holy Bibles were distributed by the participants, on what would be marked as the day of their rebirth into a new existence, in which true freedom would come to exist within them.

Here in Finland If you or someone you know would benefit from the work of the group in the capital area, we offer visits and spiritual guidance to inmates, you can find out more by visiting our Universal Church or calling us on 050 5430 336 .