Depressed and Addicted

“My Life Was a Real Hell and Every Day Everything Got Worse”

I was a very depressed young woman with a great emptiness inside me, about to become an aggressive young woman. My
aggression reached such an extreme that I started a fighting with whoever crossed my path. Because of that, at a young age, I had an alcohol addiction. I always got addiction.

I always got together with friends to drink. Unfortunately, a little while later I got involved in the world of drug addiction. My life was a real hell and every day everything I learned the faith services, was how I managed to free myself from addictions. Today I no longer pr drugs. the emptiness and depression I hd was replaced with love and joy through the power of God.

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Negative Thoughts Started to Haunt Me…

11 March, 2022|0 Comments

Negative Thoughts Started to Haunt Me… Read the Story of Alana and Found How She Overcame Her Problems: Alana says that she started having problems with insomnia in her teens because