Prevention is better than cure

  • There should be no room for deceit in a family. Instead, honesty must be nurtured as a core value in every member of a household.If you do end up making a mistake, lying, or keeping secrets, it’s always best to confess. Be transparent with your loved ones and use God’s word as the foundation to build your family on. The Bible teaches us that every secret comes to light – we live in a small world, so any wrongdoing will make its way to the surface, one way or another.

    Better still, avoid dishonesty in the first place. If a situation arises where you might act wrongfully or against your values, assess and remove yourself from the equation. Prevent the problem so that you don’t have to fix it later, because deceit can create division between you and your family.

    Are you struggling with something similar, or is your family bond on thin ice? Do you need guidance and support? We can help.

    Never underestimate the strength and value of family prayer, it’s one of the main weapons God provided, for us to fight for our loved ones. Join us this Sunday at 10am for the morning service, where we will be praying for you and your family.

    If they can’t be with you, you can bring photos of them with you, where we will pray for them, and for the bond between you to be strengthened.

    Event: Sunday of Empowerment
    Day and time: Sunday at 11am & 4pm (Also 8.30am in Portuguese)

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