A goal against depression

The project Help, with the VYG sports group held the event “A goal against depression” from north to south of Portugal with the aim of uniting mental health with physical health.

Studies show that every 40 seconds a person takes their own life, leading to an average of 800,000 suicides every year, and is also the second leading cause of death among young people.

We live in a time when the social isolation that we were subjected to due to the pandemic, has greatly increased cases of depression. Not to mention bullying virtually and in schools.

Due to all these problems, the youth group takes action to help as many people as possible and it was for this reason that the Group HELP was created, which has supported thousands of young people, to see their value and find a new path in life.

For this reason, last July, the Group HELP, together with the sports group, held the “A goal against depression” event from north to south of the country with the aim of uniting mental health with physical health.

The goal was to get people to unload their problems, whether it was through a simple and fun activity carried out on the spot, or through the corner of the unloading.

Posters with striking phrases and hundreds of distributed letters brought hope to those who no longer saw a way out.

The joy on the faces of several people was notorious, as they took a message of strength and motivation from our “pot of happiness”.

People who congratulated the VYG initiative and even those who saw an opportunity to unload.

The mission of this Group is to bring help to all those who are powerless to fight because of the problems, as the number of people suffering from depression and trying to end their lives, has unfortunately been increasing day by day.

Young people who had an opportunity to start over are now part of this project to bring to those who suffer and who have lost their reason to live, the message that; it is possible to be happy.

It is in our hands to begin the change we want to see in the world.

For more info of this work also in Finland  you can sent an email: info@uckg.fi or call/txt: +358 50 5430 336

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