No relationship stars from scratch

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It’s common for couples starting a new relationship to believe they are starting from scratch. But did you know that both parties can bring emotional baggage into the “new” relationship?

Everyone carries baggage which contains experiences from previous romantic relationships, external influences or your upbringing, such as the references of marriage you’ve had growing up.

Therefore, no relationship, no matter how recent it may be, starts from scratch.

Many people unwillingly carry unresolved complexes and issues from their past, such as betrayal, bullying and even rejection. This often influences their behaviour towards their partner and may even affect the way they see themselves.

As a consequence, they sabotage their relationship due to low self-esteem, fear, jealous or controlling behaviour, and many other destructive characteristics.

Others miss out on opportunities because they are afraid of approaching a potential partner.

If you find yourself unable to move forward in your love life and you’re facing problems you don’t know how to resolve, there is a solution for you.

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