Night of the Best Choice

Throughout our life, we always need to make many choices. Every day we are given choices whether it’s in our financial life, family, love life etc. When we choose something, we automatically deny the other options presented to us. We need to be very conscious of the choices we make and the main one being that of our soul – our salvation.
Every day our actions show whether or not we choose to live according to the Word of God or to our own desires – whether we are working towards our salvation, or not.
This Wednesday at the ‘Night of the Soul’, we will share a message of faith for you to analyse yourself and see if you are basing your life and choices on His word.
Departing from the faith doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s those little choices that cause someone to fall away completely from the faith they once had.
If you have noticed that your choices are leading you astray from God and you want to return back to His presence, we invite you to participate in this meeting of faith.