New temple opens in Africa’s largest slum

On the same day, Universal inaugurated an artesian well designed to offer free drinking water to the population.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God inaugurated its newest temple in Quibera — considered the largest slum on the African continent and one of the largest in the world —, located in the city of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The special meeting was led by Bishop Marcelo Pires, responsible for evangelistic work in South Africa.

Quibera is made up of 15 communities and is home to around 1 million people, i.e. almost a fifth of Nairobi’s population.

Most people living in the Kenyan slum are in degraded situations, without any infrastructure and in extreme poverty. Families with two to eight members live in small “shacks”, without access to basic sanitation, electricity and potable water.

Along with the inauguration of the church — which has a capacity for 400 people —, the 350 m deep artesian well, opened by Universal in the same land, was also inaugurated to help supply water to the local population. Every day, residents of Quibera will have free access to 15 points (taps) to collect drinking water.

In addition to the Church and the artesian well, Universal is working to inaugurate a health clinic soon, which will serve the population of Quibera free of charge, who will also have access to computer and handicraft courses, which will help residents to conquer a better outlook on life.

In Kenya — a country in East Africa —, the Universal Church has 15 temples, and through its social and voluntary programs, it provides assistance to the most disadvantaged, with donations of food and clothing, and free exams such as HIV and glucose measurement.