New Life New You!

  • Many of us struggle to feel worthy because we are angry at ourselves for past mistakes. You might have had a series of failed jobs, relationships, opportunities and now you feel like everything you touch turns to stone, or perhaps like Prima Kazooba you have grown up in a household where you have been repeatedly told or treated like you are worthless.Prima would watch her father mercilessly assaulting her mother and because she was the spitting image of her father, her mother would end up verbally and physically assaulting her too. The crave for love and affection from her mother led her to extreme measures, she became an international drug mule and ended up in prison twice. Looking back, she realises that all those years of acting up were a cry for help, she had never dealt with the hurt caused by the attention she lacked as a child.

    Today Prima has received the necessary help needed to overcome those challenges, she’s completely unrecognisable, it’s as if she had never experienced such hurt in the past and the same can happen to you. No matter what your story has been thus far. No matter what you are going through now, you can turn things around and start your journey towards a new life and a new you.

    Want to know how? Join us every Sunday at 11am.