Neither success nor failure are permanent

Image by Freepik

Everything passes – success, failure and life itself. The wise king Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:4:

One generation passes away, and another generation comes; but the earth abides forever.

In other words, we will soon leave this world, others will replace us and the cycle continues. That is why it is important that you are aware that your success is not permanent.

You can see this by analysing the story of people who were big names in success, such as singers, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs, who were leaders in their areas until a few years ago. Others have taken their places and now they are remembered only by the generation that witnessed their success.

So, don’t feel too safe or proud of yourself because you are doing well in your company or your business. Do not boast or despise anyone, because this success can pass. This statement is not to throw “a bucket of cold water” over you, but to awaken you to reality and make you not get carried away by vanity.

As for failure, it is also temporary. Of course, there are many circumstances that make the person feel aimless, thinking that the situation of failure is permanent, but failure also passes.

Knowing this, we understand the importance of surrendering our financial lives into the hands of God, Who is able to not only direct our paths but protect us from calamities.

If you’d like to take this step, join us this Monday, at 10am and 18pm, you will have the opportunity to present your financial goals and projects to God and determine your victory.