Negative Thoughts Started to Haunt Me…

Read the Story of Alana and Found How She Overcame Her Problems:

Alana says that she started having problems with insomnia in her teens because of a romantic relationship. “it was an abusive relationship with betrayals. This generated a lot of anguish.”

The fights and demands made her sleepless. “I tossed and turned on the bed, my body was tired but I couldn’t sleep. This hindered my studies.”

After some time, the relationship ended, but her problems didn’t. “I felt an emptiness in my soul. I tried to fill it out by accessing social networking sites and spent the night awake.” She says that negative thoughts have started to haunt her head.

Alana also started having problems at work. Not sleeping well, made her productivity to drop. “I even got warning at work. Insomnia turned to depression and everything added up. I no longer had any prospects for the future. I just thought about dying.”

It was at this difficult time that Alana turned to the Universal Church. “I had known Universal since I was little, but my faith wasn’t decided. I went to church, but I wanted to indulge. This time, I decided to sacrifice my life. I got baptised and started making purposes and chains of prayers.

Alana guarantees that the practice of her faith was what was needed for her life to change.
“God gave me His Spirit. Today I have the joy of living and the strength to work. I got a new job, my performance is much better. I am also a better daughter. Everything has changed.”

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