Need to talk?

  • A problem shared is often a problem halved. Recognising this, the UCKG HelpCentre have a helpline as well as offer free one-to-one or couples appointments, all year round, to provide a caring, listening ear and help people find the solutions they need. So, whether it is simply spiritual information you want or you desperately need someone to talk to, we are here for you!
  • Before you give up, give us a call. You can always pop in to and attend one of the 3 daily sessions at the time that best suits you, or if you just want to pop in for a chat, do just that – pop in!
  • A spiritual adviser can be contact to listen, guide and point you in the right direction. All cases will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


We offer many services free of charge to all, regarding of age, race of religion including seminars and meetings to teach and help in different needs. That includes a practical and spiritual advice and prayer.
  • Everyday prayer for specific needs, such as family, health, and finances… (Please refer to the timetable below)
  • One-to-one spiritual counselling.
  • Life coaching, career and relationship guidance.
  • Personal attention in crisis situations at home, hospital or prison.


Monday – Finances: Learn how faith can motivate you to start your business, organise your finances, work towards a promotion and make money work for you. Find wisdom to prosper.
10am & 6pm (In English)
(3pm In Portuguese)
Wednesday – Bible Study: Discover new insights from God’s Word, making the Bible relevant for today, feeding your spirit, and increasing your faith.
10am & 6pm (In English)
(3pm In Portuguese)
Thursday – Family & Couples: Marriage and family guidance. Also preparing to find your partner for life.
Love School: 7pm (In English)
Friday – Deliverance: Break all types of curses. Stop bad luck. Achieve spiritual protection, deliverance from all evil, breaking cycles of failure.
10am & 6pm (In English)
(3pm In Portuguese)
(4pm in Suomi)
Sunday – Empowerment & Worship: Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Main service at
11am. (Also at 4pm) (In English)
(8:30am in Portuguese)

What is different about this church?

The UCKG HelpCentre aims to enable people to get close to God in an informal and relaxed environment where they can focus on what He is saying. The focus is on connecting directly to God and not allowing formal religious ceremonies to get in the way, so services are markedly different from those of other Christian denominations.

The UCKG HelpCentre is committed to making the Bible relevant and applicable to modern day life, so that it is more meaningful for members.

Besides spiritual support and comfort, the church offers a range of practical support activities. It works hard to meet the needs of all age groups and walks of life, and does not shy away from challenging situations.