Love Therapy Seminar

One of the most important aspects of our lives is love. That’s why we dedicate every Thursday at 6pm to help people with their relationships, as well as their self-development.

The Love Therapy Seminar aims to help you overcome any problems you are experiencing in your relationships. Whether you have experienced loss or constant disappointment in your love life, these meetings will help you start afresh.

Our seminar is also a great learning tool for those who are single and would like to develop as individuals before entering into a relationship.

We offer one-to-one advice, guidance and support to ensure that you are seeing positive changes in your love life.

If you want to learn how to attract the right person or how to improve your relationship, the Love Therapy seminar is packed with down-to-earth practical advice and real-life stories of how people have succeeded in their love lives. It’s just too good to miss!



The Love Therapy is a free seminar focused on the success and health of your love life by promoting intelligent love to those who are single, dating, married or divorced. Intelligent love is our secret to a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

If we told you that loving someone doesn’t always involve the heart but the mind too, what would you think?

Many would think that this is unheard of, so how can you love someone by putting your mind first?

It is with our intelligence that we make the right choices, even when we don’t feel like it.

Everyone can participate, whether you are single, dating, married or divorced.

The Love Therapy Seminar is open to everyone who wants to learn about intelligent love.

Yes, you are free to bring anyone to our seminars.

Absolutely. Even though it is a Christian event, the UCKG HelpCentre does not discriminate in any form and everyone is welcome to attend the event, as well as participate in their daily meetings.

The Love Therapy seminars are free, as we are a registered association.

If, however, you would like to give a donation when you attend, feel free to do so, but this is not compulsory.

All our services are free.

The seminar are in English.

At the Universal

Kaupintie 13, 00440, Lassila, Pohjois-haaga – Helsinki

Every Thursday at 6pm

Be free of your past to be happy in your future.