Learn how to use your 24-hours effectively

We are all gifted with 24 hours a day, but most people complain about never having enough time.

If you want to be successful in life, especially in your financial life, you need to know how to value your time. Learn from the tips below:

Step 1: Reflect
Think of your 24 hours as something extremely precious, taking care of what you do and who you spend it with. Analyse how you have spent your time: watching TV? Playing video game? Following other people’s lives on social media? Check what you’ve been doing with your time and find out how to use it intelligently and constructively.

Step 2: Get organised
Business administrator and coach Sandra Raphael shares some tips to help you better make use of your time:

1. Organise tasks in order of time, doing the fastest tasks first. Thus, it will eliminate some anxiety from your day.
2. Also, first approach the tasks that you least like to do or that bothers you the most.
3. Note which tasks can be done by you and which one can you delegate to someone else.
4. Make sure you remain focused and disciplined in carrying out the tasks, programs and schedules set for the day.

Step 3: Avoid procrastination
Procrastination can be detrimental, repeatedly putting off assignments can generate a large accumulation of tasks that disrupts your routine.
The only way to be productive is to take charge of your own life, consciously deciding how your time will be used. So, distractions only occur when you allow them.

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