Last chance to start again

At some point in our lives, we all wish we could do something all over again. Maybe you wish you’d started taking your studies seriously from the start of the academic year, or you feel you haven’t been a good partner or you wish you had time to re-develop a relationship with a family member… whatever the reason, given the chance, we would do certain things a differently.
But you don’t need a time machine to redo something. For those that say I need one more chance to get things right,  we invite you to come in this SUNDAY at 11am where we will guide you through practical teachings from the Word of God.
Maybe the first half of the year hasn’t been what you expected, but the second half can be! Consider this a chance to turn things around for the better, and make the most of it by joining us.
It’s never too late to start fresh – take the opportunity to redirect your life this Sunday.