It is possible to succeed without privileges

Many people believe they can only achieve financial success if they cut corners or are born rich.

It is possible to succeed regardless of privileges you may have had, if you take the first step and acknowledge God. It’s important to do your part (the physical grind), but God must come first. Depend on Him, put Him ahead and seek His direction.

With the Most High on your side, the possibilities are endless. After all, if the Creator and Owner of everything is your partner, how can you possibly lose?

It is necessary to face the reality of your problems in order to find a solution. Many people do not even try to improve their lives because they fear failure, but you can’t reap what you don’t sow.

List your financial problems, for instance your debts. When you see them all together on paper, you can visualize what you need to do to lighten the load. You should also admit where you are going wrong and ask, “Is there anything else I can do?”? I.e. stop spending money on unimportant things.

Even people born into unprivileged financial situations can seek a way out, although it is harder, it’s not impossible. When God is by your side, you have the power to change your reality. Regardless of your upbringing, whether you had opportunities, conditions, or incentives, you can still succeed.

Most people make the mistake of relying on others’ opinions and going against their own judgement. Changing your story begins when you decide to believe and make good choices in accordance with those beliefs.

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