Is the ideal of beauty the new dictatorship?

Conducted in Portugal, a study that asked a sample of the younger population revealed that satisfaction with the body is what contributes most to their happiness.

More than having a job or being independent, having the ‘perfect body’ is what most worries the youth in today’s society. Completely fixed on the physical aspect, it is this that has come to determine their degree of happiness or unhappiness.

This is one of the main conclusions of the study by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, which shows “who they are, what they think and what they feel” young people in Portugal, having been determined that “they are not satisfied with their physical appearance”.


“It is worrying and reveals the pressure that young people feel, not exactly to have a healthy body, but to have a body similar to the ones they find on social media and that are not real”, said Laura Sagnier, coordinator of the study, to the Journal of News ‘Sob pressão’ (Under pressure in english), ‘vulnerable’ or ‘on the edge’ were the designations given to the vast majority of young people, who give in to the pressure of an increasingly exclusive society.


What we see in the mirror is a first approach to our ‘I’, which is why many associate personal dissatisfaction with the physical appearance, however, it goes much deeper than that. Although it is not entirely wrong to take care of your appearance, there is a huge gap between the investment you make with the exterior and the interior. Even ‘beautiful’ on the outside, many continue to feel empty and unhappy, looking for a meaning to life that can only be found inside.

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Source: Eu era assim newspaper

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