Is reading the Bible suitable for children?

The Bible can be described as many things, but as ‘one of the most sex-ridden books around’? Does this sound a little far-fetched?

Not according to a disgruntled parent whose child frequents a primary school in the Davis School District in Utah. In an eight-page complaint letter, containing verses from the Bible, she described what some may consider sacred scripture as violent and pornographic content.

Last week, there was an uproar from parents who rallied together outside the Utah State Capitol, holding up signs that read “The Bible is the original textbook” to protest the removal.

The State Rep. Ken Ivory later agreed that, “the Davis School District overstepped its role by removing the Bible from middle and elementary schools”.

Could this just be a big hassle over nothing or is there any benefit in keeping this Sacred Book around?

The use of the Bible to promote mental health, amongst other reasons, continues to be prevalent worldwide and has been proven to demonstrate benefits. Studies have shown that people read the Bible as a way of comfort and strength during stressful life events.

Furthermore, the principles and core values that can be extracted from the word of God can be fundamental for a child’s character development. Eliminating a child’s access to the Bible may mean they will learn behaviours from their peers, which may not always be a reliable source or have the best intentions.

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