Is loneliness your new company?

A total of 60% of single people in the UK profess to love being single, with 53% saying they would prefer to be single than committed. A total of 72% say they are single by choice and even more (86%) say it gives them more freedom.

Do the figures reflect that maybe some have failed at love or maybe some are still trying to find a way of getting love right? Anyone would want to be in a relationship with the right amount of care, love, affection, willingness, etc.

Well, the honest truth is that no one wants to be alone, even if there are so-called benefits to it but nothing beats a good companionship after all the Word of God says: “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone…” (Genesis 2:18). Having a good love life may seem far from your reality, but we believe that intelligent love based on the Word of God can eliminate the pitfalls of love life issues.

So, if you have spent most of your time scrolling on social media, looking at what other people are doing – stop right there! Making yourself busy won’t stop you from forgetting your current status. Choose to deal with it.

Every Thursday, we invite you to participate in the Love Therapy seminar, at 7pm. We will pray against the spirit of loneliness and give you the advice and guidance you need.

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