Is God too busy to respond to me?

“God is too busy to worry about me.” “God is likely to prioritise those who have greater problems than me.” “God is not concerned with what is happening in my life.” “God already knows what I’m going to say, so I don’t need to pray.” “God is not listening to me.” “I don’t deserve God’s attention.” Do you identify with any of these thoughts?

Perhaps, the reason for someone to think this way can be due to the lack of understanding of the Word of God. But the fact is that God is not distant from you and He doesn’t reject those who are sincere.

The greatness of God does not prevent Him from caring about us and also being present at all times even in the smallest overlooked matters. This is the difference between us and God, we, tend to worry about big important matters and despise the small ones, because we are limited in our time and ability to pay attention, to concentrate and we can only do one or two things at the same time.

God is not subject to time, as we are (He is outside of time, because He exists in eternity). He can occupy all places at the same time and do all that He has to do without it taking away His energy.

God also knows our innermost thoughts, He knows what we are going through and what we are going to say before we even open our mouths.

God’s desire is to hear you speak. Even knowing what you need, He tells us in the Bible that we should ask. It’s like a parent who knows what their child is going through, but wants to hear their voice.

It is written: “Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” (Psalms 50:15)

Take some time out in your day to speak to God, we are sure that He not only wants to hear you but to answer you.

Another way for you to develop your relationship with God is by taking part in the 21 days Fast of Daniel.