In North Korea, Christians were killed by authorities before a service

In addition, their family members were arrested. Read more

In North Korea, a group of guards broke into a place where dozens of Christians were secretly meeting for a service (because churches are not allowed). The participants were murdered by the authorities.

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After the police action, the family members of the Christians were also arrested, however, sent to a prison. It is believed that there were approximately 100 people arrested. The case was reported by the organization Open Doors, which maps persecution against Christians around the world.

  •  “In these prisons, detainees will be treated like animals, tortured and forced into hard labor, without enough food or freedom to do anything,” Open Doors noted, considering the eastern country’s history of persecution.

The context:

The authorities’ offensive comes in the face of the recent “anti-reactionary thought law”, which was applied in North Korea with the aim of stifling ideas contrary to the dictatorial regime of the local government.

– Just to illustrate, because of this law, a senior official of the Ministry of State Security in Pyongyang, accompanied by his family, was taken to a political prison camp earlier this year. The reason was that the employee’s son watched South Korean TV shows.

What should we observe:

North Korea is the 2nd most dangerous country for Christians to live in, according to the World Persecution List 2022, prepared by Open Doors.