In England, homeless people receive support from Universal

Actions took place at the end of the year. Check more details

Even in countries considered developed economically it have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. People lost companies, jobs, were left vulnerable on the streets and without financial conditions. But where there is a Universal, there are people ready to help others.

It is no different in London, England, where the Unisocial maintains a series of donations and social actions.

In recent festive holidays, the group of volunteers offered a Christmas dinner, food and basic hygiene products to those who needed it most.

Pastor David Nzruba says that: “The food bank service emerged during the 2020 pandemic, when we saw the need of people growiing”.

Feeling on the skin

The activities took place mainly in the districts of Hackney, Stratford and Wood Green, where approximately 110 people benefited.

One of the volunteers is Delight Beulah. She says that she came to live on the street with her two children after she lost her husband. “I had financial difficulties and was homeless. I learned to value the people who supported me during this period. I needed food and clothing donations,” she recalls.

After she came to know faith in God, her life changed. She left the streets, fought and, today, helps other people to overcome obstacles.

“I have joy and I feel privileged to serve the homeless community. It’s my passion,” she says.

In this way, Universal continues to contribute socially wherever it is.

What is UniSocial?

UNISOCIAL is the partnership of all the outreach groups of The Universal Church Social Projects: Assistants, Soul Winners, VYG, Caleb Group (among others) with the goal of doing social work and saving souls for the Kingdom of God. It organises fundraisers, donations, and voluntary services to help those in need.

We combine charitable deeds with faith in the God of the Bible to transform lives. We believe that true change can only happen if a person’s mind is renewed and trained to think the way God does.

UNISOCIAL has led disaster relief effort in various communities around world, as well as periodic food donation to assist struggling communities. Its ongoing efforts have brought hope to hundreds of families.

The Universal Church has come together to support anyone struggling to maintain themselves during these unprecedented times. The UNISOCIAL aims to people who do not have family and friends around to support them and anyone who is a victim of this virus economical consequences.