“I’m only human!”

Ah, the ultimate phrase to justify our mistakes, flaws and wrongdoings is “I’m only human!”, we often blurt it out when we get confronted with our mistakes.

What sparks this reaction?

Fearing the consequences, embarrassment, the uncertainty of what happens next, regret, doubts and the list goes on…These are all classified as emotions.

We are inclined to our emotions, we grow up thinking it is only natural to act upon them. So, if something positive happens, we are on top of the world. If a negative situation occurs, we want to be left alone to sulk in pity.

This is not the way to break the negative cycle or change our life.

Intelligent faith does not function like this. It allows us to be human and even causes results that bring happy feelings to our lives, but it does not accept an emotional attitude when using it. It simply will not work.

“The troubles of my heart have enlarged; bring me out of my distresses!” (Psalm 25:17)

You can overcome the negative situations in your life, you can take control over your actions and you most certainly can put an end to the control these emotions have over you.

If you find yourself being stuck in your ways and you do not know what steps to take to change, then this is for you.

Every Friday we will continue our special Chain of Prayer: Novena of the Spiritual Cleansing: Crossing the Valley of salt

We will unite our faith in the living God and cross the Valley of Salt and determine an end to the way these emotions have kept you from experiencing a life transformation.

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